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Anzalp Pharmasolutions is a leading global healthcare / pharmaceutical company with a strong emphasis on precision medicine and nutrition.


Our number one goal is to provide access to medicines and nutraceuticals and positively impact the lives of all those whom we serve with the skill, dedication, and professionalism of our physicians, experienced scientists, analysts, technicians and support staff. We will strive for continuous quality improvement, in an ethical, empathetic and innovative manner.


Anzalp is committed to operating at the highest level of governance in all that we do.


We continuously strive to reduce our e our impact on the environment. Our focus is to reduce our consumption of natural resources and minimize the effects of climate change. We are focused on reduction of our contribution to GHGs by modernizing our chemical processes and equipment. We have a deep commitment to preserving the environment while improving the lives of our consumers.

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Sixty Year Old Network of Peers, Employees, Clients and Stakeholders gives us a robust presence across the globe.


Men and women, committed to better protect you around the world


Where you will find the same quality of products and dedication around the world


Making us one of the leading pharmasolution around the globe

Committed to creating a highly stimulating workplace that appreciates and acknowledges diligence, encourages team spirit and spurs innovation and creativity.